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Djebelli Torres PLLC represents Buyers and Sellers throughout the initial phases of the real estate transaction – purchase contract drafting and negotiations.  It is important that you have an experienced real estate attorney by your side who understands the intricacies and ramifications of a contract for sale and purchase of real property.  As soon as negotiations begin, the lawyers of Djebelli Torres PLLC can draft and negotiate your real estate contract as well as provide legal advice on legal issues that arise. Djebelli Torres PLLC will make sure that contract provisions are legally valid and that the contract aligns with your or your client’s needs and intentions.


Djebelli Torres PLLC offers title insurance as an agent of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.  From Contract through Closing, Djebelli Torres PLLC will make sure you feel secure throughout your real estate transaction.  Your home may be the largest investment you’ll ever make, close with confidence at the law firm of Djebelli Torres PLLC.

The benefits of partnering with the real estate attorneys of Djebelli Torres PLLC are insurmountable.  A licensed title agent is not an attorney; while a title company can issue title insurance and prepare documents for closing, a license title agent cannot (i) negotiate contracts on your behalf, (ii) give you legal advise, (iii) explain the meaning of the documents you will be asked to sign at closing, nor (iv) resolve title issues.  When a real estate attorney functions as a title agent and closing agent, providing title insurance as well as settlement services, the cost is typically no more than a non-lawyer title company. Djebelli Torres PLLC provides all of the services you expect from a title company; however, Djebelli Torres PLLC gives you the added value of the legal expertise to handle any issues that arise.

Our real estate attorneys are at the cutting edge of the recent trends and laws impacting real estate transactions, including but not limited to the federal TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure requirements that were implemented by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in October 2015.  The participation of Djebelli Torres PLLC throughout your real estate transaction takes the burden off of you.  The participation of Djebelli Torres PLLC at each step along the way in you or your client’s transaction also helps protect all parties involved against potential liability should problems arise in the future.


A short sale is the purchase of real property for an amount less than what is currently due and owing on the existing seller’s mortgage.  Subject to third party approval, the purchase of a short sale is complex and requires skill, knowledge, and experience. Djebelli Torres PLLC provides aggressive and smart representation in short sale negotiation.  The law firm is comprised of diligent real estate attorneys and business lawyers who have successfully negotiated short sales between borrowers and lenders.  Contact us today for a free legal assessment of your foreclosure alternative options.


If you are refinancing your home, your new lender will require you to purchase a lender’s title insurance policy on their behalf.  In a refinance transaction your old loan is paid off and the prior lender’s title policy expires — your new lender will require you to purchase title insurance so that the new lender’s mortgage and their investment in the property is protected. Djebelli Torres PLLC will ensure that your refinance transaction is seamless.  The seasoned attorneys at Djebelli Torres PLLC Torres are available to provide legal advice should any issues arise and will work with you through the process.  The law firm of Djebelli Torres PLLC will also work with your lender to ensure that you are in compliance with their requirements and the laws impacting the transaction.


We look forward to working with you.  Please submit all Title Requests and Inquiries via e-mail to or call (305) 661-3908.

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